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Attack Dog Training:
Attacking For A Purpose

Attack dog training is a training program wherein the trainers train the dogs to attack not because of fear or danger but to protect their masters or when they receive a command to do so.

Selective aggression and agility training is the mainstay of attack dog training. Dog trainers and handlers consummate this special training to ensure that the dogs become good guards for property and are able to protect their owners when in danger.

Police and army have specialist centers for Attack dog training. There have been countless instances where trained guard and attack dogs have efficiently protected their handlers and inventories from attackers and intruders. 

The Process of Attack Dog Training

The immediate goal of attack dog training is to train the dog to attack and desist the intruders or assailants when their owner or handlers command them to do so.

The long-term training objective is to make the dog use her own initiative and protect her owners even when the owner is injured or otherwise unable to issue commands.   

Dog owners can themselves consummate attack dog training. However, the safer bet would be to hire a professional because attack dog training is a specialized job requiring services of skilled and experienced professionals.

The initial lessons for attack dog training are similar to normal obedience training. The trainer trains the dog to perform basic commands like "heel", "sit", "stay" and "come" with her designated handler.  

The actual process of attack dog training begins when the dog has perfected the basic obedience commands in isolation and in public places with distractions.

Thereafter, another man known as "Agitator" approaches the dog and tries to tease her with a stick. This process stimulates the dog's inherent aggressiveness. The moment the dog makes an aggressive moves the "agitator" retracts.

Then the trainer encourages the dog to chase the agitator. The dog receives reward and lavish praise after every successful chase.    

The next step of attack dog training involves actual attacking. Herein the trainer encourages the dog to bite an arm guard dropped by the "agitator".

Later on, the dog is trained to chase and actually bite an agitator who has worn padded clothing.

Every successful step of attack dog training involves good rewards and praise for the dog from the trainers and handlers.        

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