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Drug Dog Training:
Making The Best Use of
Your Dog's Special Abilities

Drug dog training is an art where the police dogs receive special training to sniff out drugs and narcotic products.

Dogs and humans have been living together for thousands of years and dogs have been helping their human masters with hundreds of assignments such as companionship, hunting, guarding, retrieving, pulling sledges and many more.

Police dog training in general and drug dog training in particular are innovative ways to put in great use of the special sniffing and searching abilities of the dogs.  

Drug dog training makes the police dog an expert who can easily sniff out hidden narcotics.

Police dogs have been doing a great service to their masters and the human society in fighting the menace of drug abuse. There have been many examples where dogs have risked and even laid down their lives in drug search operations.

Drug dogs have been able to retrieve large amounts of hidden narcotic drugs and more than justified the expenses incurred on them or their training.  

Basic Principles of Drug Dog Training  

Before a police dog receives drug dog training, he has to get specialized training for obedience, endurance, agility, and selective aggressiveness. The dog handlers and trainers work hand in hand to consummate this specialized task.  

The basic principle underlying drug dog training is the dog's love for play in general and for playing tug-of-war in particular.

Many people believe that the drug dogs sniff out the drugs because they are looking for something to eat or they are themselves addicted to drugs.

No, this is not the case, they dig out the hidden drugs because they are looking for their "favorite toy" and expect a playing session with their masters as a reward.  

The drug dog training begins with a plain white towel. The dog loves to play tug of war and the trainers train the drug dogs to search out the hidden towel. Every time the dog digs out the hidden towel, he is rewarded with a food treat and more importantly a tug-of-war game with the trainer or handler.

Gradually the trainers will roll a bag of marijuana or other narcotic substance in the towel and the dog starts to recognize the smell of marijuana as the smell of his favorite toy.  

Thereafter the trainers will include various other drugs in the drug dog training and repeat the process.

They will hide the drugs in increasingly difficult locations and every time the dog will find out his "favorite toy", he gets the reward. This is how the drug dogs are able to dig out hidden drugs.          

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